Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Results

The show was a great success.  We ended up with 27 exhibitors, We took in $792.75 from entries, stall fees and food sold.  My expense for food was $152.75 and for the High Point prizes and other Awards was 63.20, leaving a profit of $576.80.  I am going to round that up to an even $600 to put into the Youth Fund.  Not too bad for a 1 day event, plus everyone had a lot of fun!


Champion Gelding - Phoenix owned by Madison Shupe
Res. Ch Gelding - Farmyard Frolic Bronco Buster owned by Kimberly Easton

Champion Mare - Anna owned by Jordan Van Fleet
Res. Ch Mare - Reflection owned by Cheyene Smith

Overall Champion - Phoenix owned by Madison Shupe


Open - Kimberly Easton
Res.   - Linda Van Fleet

13-18 - Kimberly Easton
Res   - Lexie Noski

8-12 - Jordan Van Fleet
Res. - Tiffany Eaton

7 & Under Girl- Madison Shupe
7 & Under Boy - Benjamin Hansen

In Hand High Point - Kimberly Easton
Res - Jordan Van Fleet

Driving High Point - Kimberly Easton
Res - Lexie Noski



Monday, April 16, 2012

Miniature Horse Clinic in Washington

This past Saturday we traveled to the Cowlitz County fairgrounds in Longview, Washington for the miniature horse clinic.  Everyone had a great time.  There was a video to watch, someone talked about groom horses, then training classes on driving your horse.  They then moved to jumping your horse.  As well, how to do showmanship.  Lisa, who will also be the judge at this weekends horse show was helping the kids understand how to work with their horses. 
Lisa talking to everything one.

Showmanship class.

Can't wait to see everyone this coming Saturday.  At the VFM Farm for the Miniature Horse show.  Resigter begins at 9am and then the show starts at 10am.  Please remember to carpool, parking will be limited. Have a great day.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

VFM Farm on AMNW

Miniature horses are gaining in popularity and Janice Bangs went to VFM Miniature Horse Farm to find out more about these pint size equines! 

If you are interested in be part of the Miniature Horse Schooling Show.  Need entry forms then please contact Linda Van Fleet at (503) 649-0100 or Email vfmfarm@aol.com  Please remember to carpool, parking is limited.  People are welcome to watch for free.  But it does cost to be part of the show.  All profits will go to the NWMHC Youth Fund.  Thank you.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fun day at the farm

Well, today at the farm, things were buzzing with excitment.  We have a show coming this April 21. 2012 and local tv show from Katu 2 came out to see what is happening.  Here are some of the pictures from todays tv shoot.

Pre tv meeting this afternoon

Amber with her cousin (Jordan) going for a ride.

People being actitive during the film shoot.

Here is Katu 2 Janice B. taking a ride.

Jordan jumping with her horse

Please remember the Schooling Show is April 21st, 2012.  Can't wait to see you stop by!