Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Results

The show was a great success.  We ended up with 27 exhibitors, We took in $792.75 from entries, stall fees and food sold.  My expense for food was $152.75 and for the High Point prizes and other Awards was 63.20, leaving a profit of $576.80.  I am going to round that up to an even $600 to put into the Youth Fund.  Not too bad for a 1 day event, plus everyone had a lot of fun!


Champion Gelding - Phoenix owned by Madison Shupe
Res. Ch Gelding - Farmyard Frolic Bronco Buster owned by Kimberly Easton

Champion Mare - Anna owned by Jordan Van Fleet
Res. Ch Mare - Reflection owned by Cheyene Smith

Overall Champion - Phoenix owned by Madison Shupe


Open - Kimberly Easton
Res.   - Linda Van Fleet

13-18 - Kimberly Easton
Res   - Lexie Noski

8-12 - Jordan Van Fleet
Res. - Tiffany Eaton

7 & Under Girl- Madison Shupe
7 & Under Boy - Benjamin Hansen

In Hand High Point - Kimberly Easton
Res - Jordan Van Fleet

Driving High Point - Kimberly Easton
Res - Lexie Noski